When I became a mom in 2013, I began looking back on my childhood with a new set of eyes. It wasn’t until then that I truly understood the sacrifices my mom made to provide for my sister and me.  The endless hours spent at work, lack of sleep, putting our wants and needs before hers, and devoting every spare minute to clean up our messes.

I was in awe that despite all of that, we were still able to make some of my favorite memories; like baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch, or hiking around the little log cabin we lived in (with a dozen cats in tow) and spending hours planting flowers in our flower beds.


I’ve felt the heartache in not being able to return to a moment in time, and I want to give you the ability through your images.

Caroline and Dreama put together ABC puzzle during session.

Photos by my dear friend Jess Nicole.

A little more about me.

Dreama digging in the sand with Colby and Caroline

01. Camera Shy

I know what it’s like to look at photos and not recognize the woman in them. Over the years through girlhood and motherhood, my body has changed. It would be so easy to hide behind the camera.. but that would mean im not practicing what I preach. If this is something you struggle with, I highly recommend reading this book, it’s helping me to see my body in a different way.

Dreama and Colby in Afton, Virginia.

02. Outdoors

Growing up in the middle of no-where Georgia, I learned at a really young age how much I love being out in nature and I love sharing that with my kiddos. We recently even bought a camper, which allows us to travel even more! I’m so excited about planning adventures further and further away.

photojournalistic shot of Bourbon Street

03. Travel

I love exploring new places, trying new foods and learning about different cultures. Though most of my travels have been within the United States, I hope to travel more internationally someday.

Are you planning a trip somewhere? Tell me about your plans and I could create memorable photographs of your travel experiences!

04. Plain Jane

I’m a serious “Plain Jane.” I tend to like classic/timeless clothes and don’t follow clothing trends. Typically you can find me in jeans and a shirt. IF I’ve ever been caught in anything “trendy” Im usually a decade late. Like the time my mom hand-sewed my sister, niece and me Little House on the Prairie style dresses.

a blonde haired girl with pigtails and a dirty face pretends to chat on a phone

05. Talk

I love a good conversation! I inherited being a talker from my mom, like her I know no stranger. Not only do I love to talk, but I love getting to know people. This along with my Georgia accent helps my clients to relax. I’ve been told I make others feel like old friends.

Dreama plays board game with family during family session.

06. Coffee

Like most mama’s, I love coffee. Though, unlike most, I really dislike Starbucks. Most days you can find me running around with a warm coffee in cool months and an iced coffee in warmer months. A medium French vanilla coffee with oatmilk and sugar are my go-to at Dunkin Donuts.

Toyota on the Beach in Avon, North Carolina

07. Beach

The Outer Banks in North Carolina is one of my most favorite places to go. Literally a month after David and I got married, we bought our first 4×4 vehicle JUST for driving on the beach. About every other year we go with his family and stay a whole week at the beach.

Do you take a trip somewhere meaningful often? I photograph families on vacation in the Outer Banks, invite me along so I can create memorable photographs of the place you love!

Also, let’s not talk about how my hubby has his VA hands totally mixed up. 😆

Girl inside in front of couch in her diaper

08. School

Unlike most stories I’ve heard, I didn’t grow up knowing I wanted to be a photographer. I went to school to be a graphic designer! I even hated the idea of taking a photography class during my degree because I didn’t like the idea of spending so much on a camera. It wasn’t until I became a mom and began reflecting on my childhood that I thought photography might be something I wanted to pursue.

09. Baking

One of my favorite memories growing up is baking cookies from scratch with my mom. Around Christmas my sister and I would help bake seven or eight different cookies to give out to family and friends. My all-time favorite is Chocolate Chip and you can’t tell me otherwise. 😜

Baking is something I’ve loved being able to share with my children.

Stop Saying No and Just Get in the Darn Picture

10. Laundry

I despise laundry. Well, actually, I can wash and dry it all day long. I actually hate folding it and putting it away. If you were to come over unannounced, more than likely there are 2-3 loads of unfolded laundry sitting in baskets.

This reel pretty much sums it up.

“You were so good at being “invisible” and not creating a moment

but instead allowing the moment to be fluid. So fun hanging out with you!”


Outside the Home Documentary Family Session at Busch Gardens Williamsburg