STEP ONE [Booking]

Before any money is exchanged, we’ll schedule a phone call. We use this time to get to know each other and talk about your family.

Afterwards, I’ll send over a review of our call. Once you’ve decided to work with me,  I’ll send over all the details along with an invoice and contract to submit. Once the session fee is paid and the contract received, your session date will be added to my calendar. The session fee covers my time, creative and editing. This does not include any digitals or products. This fee is in addition to the collection you choose.


Once we’ve decided on a time and date and officially put your session on the books, I’ll send you a prep guide that will walk you through everything from choosing outfits to strategies for getting kids to cooperate. That guide has been created and refined over years of experience, so it typically answers 90% of the questions that come up, but I’m always happy to set up a time to chat if you want additional help.


Within just a couple of weeks of your session, you’ll receive an email from me letting you know that your photos are ready. Once you’ve had a chance to see them and marvel for a bit, you’ll let me know which collection you want to purchase.

You’re only one step away from savoring your family’s stories.

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what I offer


Like a mini session, only better—  you don’t have to step foot in the car! I come to you!

These sessions are 45 minutes in length. During this time, you can do whatever you normally do from your front porch / front yard / deck / backyard / sunroom! Whatever you choose, I’ll be right there to capture it all.

ONLY available to families I haven’t had the chance to work with yet.

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You can use this to document your favorite memories: new baby, milestones, moving, family history, blending a family, childhood home, breastfeeding, grandparents, family camping trip, pregnancy, vacation, family pet, tradition, end of life, special talent, etc.

These sessions are 2 hours in length and can take place in-home or at a meaningful location. Additional session lengths available at no extra cost to you.

Session fee $300
Weekend fee additional $50

Collections starting at $1,400.

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payment plans

Quality photographs are an investment and worth every little penny.

I want you + your family to have photographs of this time in your life.  Because of this, I offer payment plans that allow you the option to pay for your heirloom prints up to a year after our session together.

100% of the session fee is required to secure your date.

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