Children’s Heirloom Portraits in Williamsburg, VA

Creating timeless, joy-filled childrens’ portraits in the heart of the Hampton Roads.

Self portrait of Williamsburg family photography Dreama Spence.

Motherhood is so messy and so beautiful and so worth it.

As a Williamsburg family photographer, I’m here to help you feel comfortable, while creating a low-key environment that allows you to connect with your family in a natural way.

No matter where you are in life right now, I see myself in you.

Although challenging at times, motherhood is likely one of life’s greatest joys and the most impactful season we’ll ever experience. One day you will wish you could return to exactly where you are in this moment in time, and I want to give you the ability to through your images. I’ve seen first-hand rolls, dimples, curls, nap-time cuddles, giggles and gummy smiles can soon disappear…

Why won’t you pose us?

How many times have you rushed to a pretty park in Williamsburg, Va only to have a stranger tell you how and where to stand? It feels awkward (unless it’s truly your thing)! Most of my families desperately wish they were somewhere else!

Unposed photography allows your family to be themselves and interact with each other in a natural way. This means you get to focus on having fun and not the camera! Unposed sessions also mean you get real stories, real memories and not photographs that look like everyone else’s.

Dads and kiddos thank me for unposed sessions all the time!

Jerry holds his arms out while Emmet and Olivia try to jump over them on the couch of their Newport News, Virginia home.

What season do you want to remember?

Documentary style family photographer


at home lifestyle newborn photography


Virginia Beach and OBX vacation photographer.


3 reasons to book a family session:


Traditional photo sessions take a lot of planning and coordinating. For documentary, lifestyle  sessions, I do all the work and you get to hang out with your family.


You’ve picked out the comfy outfits, we’ve planned out your session together, you’re relaxing in your favorite place, let’s do this! Fun with your sweet family is required!


Two weeks later you’ll receive fully edited proofs to swoon over and choose from. Have the tissue box ready because the tears will be flowing, happy tears, I promise! (and let me know when it happens!)

Little boy licks muffin bowl during their in-home family session with Dreama Spence.

How to have a stress-free photo session:

Pick up your house as though a good friend is coming to visit.
Fill out the form on the contact page.
Let everyone choose something comfortable to wear. Even if that means dots on top and stripes below (you’ll miss that, I promise).
Let me worry about everything else. Kids and dads love me!

Classic black framed print of Emmett in hammock during their family session at home in Newport News, Virginia.

Displaying family photos builds your Child’s self-esteem!

Every collection I offer comes with print credit to be used in my online print shop. I believe that photos should be printed and hung on walls, stored in boxes, and printed in albums for your family to look through and enjoy! Kids LOVE books! A book about your family story is the ultimate gift.


“it was important for me to be in photos”

“For me, as someone who is often behind the camera, it was important for me to be in photos from our vacation without being forced to ask first.”


Jessica preps her youngest baby for a day spent on the beaches of the Outer Banks.

“She made the session super comfortable and relaxed”

“Working with Dreama was fantastic. She made the session super comfortable and relaxed while we just got to do our thing in our home. She was very methodical and wasn’t photographing non-stop. Rather, she would study the scene and photograph significant moments. The kids loved having her in our home, and I also enjoyed having good conversation while doing my household chores…”

“You were great company, and yet not so present that we knew the camera was there.”

The Kelce boys tackle their dad during a pillow fight.

“something I will cherish forever!!!”

“OH MY GOSH…Dreama!! This is something I will cherish forever!!! You are so incredibly talented and using God’s gifts! Wow I am so moved!”

Sharon and her children dance in the kitchen to classic oldies.

“You were so good at being “invisible” and not creating a moment but instead allowing the moment to be fluid. So fun hanging out with you!”


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