Introduction to my Williamsburg Heirloom Photography.

Williamsburg families often say that my heirloom photos celebrate the sweetness of childhood with the balance of tradition and modern touches.

Black and white heirloom portrait of a little boy.

What’s included in the heirloom session fee? What should I plan to invest in my heirloom portraits?

First, the non-refundable session fee reserves your time in the studio or on location.  

After your heirloom portrait session takes place, we will gather again either in my studio or online from the comfort of your home to view your portraits for the first time.

During this meeting, we will put together artwork such as framed pieces for your walls, gifts for grandparents and other artwork. Whether you choose to purchase this artwork through me or on your own, you will have a plan for exactly the best way to enjoy your beautiful photography.

A heirloom session/creative fee is $395. After the session, we can put together a few options to ensure you stay in your budget.

You can also add my services to your Mother’s Day, Birthday or Christmas wishlist.

Heirloom Portrait Styling Ideas

These traditional heirloom portraits are photographed on white backdrops, so you’ll want to choose a color that will blends well. Shades of white (preferred), cream, light blue and soft pink work best with this style pf portraiture.  European styles, french hand sewn heirloom clothing, hand smocked bishop dresses or rompers, and christening gowns.

Elizabeth Layne Heirloom
Feltman Brothers
Strasburg Children
Southern Siblings

If you’d like a few more tips on styling your heirloom portrait session, you can check out my blog post on How to choose an heirloom outfit.

TIP: If you want to have your son or daughter’s hair cut before their heirloom portrait session, I recommend scheduling their haircut appointment two weeks prior to the heirloom portrait session. This will ensure he/she feels fresh and camera ready! 

When should I take heirloom photos?

The best time for a heirloom photoshoot typically falls within the ages of 9 months to 6 years. Typically you want to choose an age where your child can safely sit up alone unassisted. While this age range is ideal, we can certainly consider younger or older children, please contact me so we can discuss!

Are heirloom photos worth it?

Maybe I’m biased, but YES, heirloom portraits are worth it!

As a portrait artist, I often think about how we can best preserve our children’s most precious memories that will one day connect generations. In this day and age of all things digital and quickly changing technology, I truly believe the magic is in the time-tested tradition of tangible portraits. 

To imagine that one day these archival, fine art portraits will be passed on to your child’s children creates the vision for how important these portraits will be to your family’s legacy.

How do I prepare for a heirloom photoshoot?

This is when it’s important to hire an experienced photographer such as my heirloom portrait studio. You really should not have to do a lot to prepare for your session and instead be able to rely on a portrait photographer who is equipped to handle many of the details. As your photographer, I handle everything from clothing suggestions or access to select sizes in my wardrobe, to guiding your child with simple play-like poses.

How long is the heirloom photoshoot?

Once you arrive, we will chat for a few minutes. This is my favorite part, getting to know you and enjoying a little girl talk. You can sip on a tea or coffee, nibble a cookie and enjoy a moment of indulgence.

Then, if we need to, we will select the outfit. You’ll have a moment to get your child dressed, hair combed and bow clipped in before we begin our session together.

We will then shoot for about 10-15 minutes. I take my time guiding your child through simple poses. There’s often a lot of play involved so often times they aren’t even aware of being “posed.”

If you’ve opted for a lifestyle add-on, I’ll take an additional 5-10 minutes taking full length portraits with a combination of chairs, stools, rattles, blocks or other very classic pieces.

You should plan to spend about a half hour with me, bottling up the sweetness of childhood.

Blonde haired girl wears pink bow for her Heirloom portrait.
Heirloom vignette portrait prints of a girl with a blue ribbon and flowers.

How should I plan to use our heirloom photos?

Many of my clients choose to hang at least one heirloom portrait in the main living area such as an entry way wall, in the living room, or even up stairs. 

Many of my clients opt for a statement piece, the most common size I print and frame is a 16×20. I also offer 11×14, 8×10 or 5×7 (perfect for grandparent gifts or your desk at work). These gorgeous portraits are printed on fine art, archival quality paper leaving you with beautiful, true to color prints inside your custom frame. Your child is precious, the display should be too.

If you choose to add a lifestyle session to your heirloom photos with me, many of these clients opt for a framed print or two to sit alongside the heirloom. Albums are also tremendously popular.

All framed pieces come with the matching digital image file for safekeeping. Digital files should never be thought of as the end-game. Always keep in mind of how your home will showcase your family’s story.

What if my child is not comfortable in front of the camera?

With over three years of experience photography hundreds of children, I know this can happen. Rest assured that with my nurturing approach most children are able to sit for a few minutes for heirloom portraits. I may just take a few more minutes to chat with your child, be silly or pull out some of my secret toys that usually bring a smile to their face.

I do ask for the parents to keep the session very positive and not be upset if their child isn’t comfortable. It is completely normal for children to experience “stranger danger” during their developmental stages. I want for this to remain a positive portrait experience. We want to nurture confident picture-takers!

In the event that your child does not want to be photographed, I will give you the option for a complete refund or to reschedule in the next 6 months to a year. Generally I find just a little bit of time allows them to be more comfortable with someone they don’t know.


I ask that you try and give me at least a 24 hours notice but being a mom myself, I know bugs can set in fast.  Please contact me immediately and I’ll be more than happy to work with you to reschedule your session.

What Locations are Ideal for Heirloom Photoshoots?

Most of my heirloom portraits are photographed in my Newport News portrait studio located off of Country Club Rd. just a few blocks from Christopher Newport University. 

If you are seeking to host an heirloom portrait event in your home, with a handful of your girlfriends, please let me know!

Are Customized Props or Themes Available for heirloom sessions?

In my timeless style, the theme of my portraits is your child and the heirloom clothing he/she is wearing. I do not often include props (unless you’ve opted for a lifestyle add-on), keeping the focus on the most precious subject possible, your child.

Little boy wears a classic collard shirt for Heirloom Portrait Photography

Is Retouching or Editing Included in the heirloom Photography Package?

When you view your images for the first time, they will be partially retouched. As a professional photographer with years of experience around the world, most of my work is done during the photoshoot. Ensuring images are beautiful exposed, that the use of light falls perfectly on your child in a way that highlights their features and using my camera its fullest ability, my images look quite beautiful out of camera.

Inside the gallery you’ll see an example of what your child’s heirloom portraits will look like when completely finished. There will be a collection of images for you to choose your top 3-5 to be hand edited into heirloom portraits. 

In post-production, each image is opened to hand-retouch any lingering details.   I keep skin natural, but touch-up minor imperfections to ensure your child looks the way they normally do, perfect.

Can I Request Specific Poses or Styles for the heirloom Session?

The style of all my sessions remains close to my heart. If you fell in love with the look and feel of my portfolio, you will be over the moon when you see the images of your child.

How do I book a session with you?

To book a session, you will first need to fill out the inquiry form here. I accept a limited number of sessions each month. Once I reach this number of bookings, that month is closed.

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