Each photo session is personalized and planned around your goals and the unique story you want photographed. Typical sessions last 1 hour for a mini day in the life, 6 hours for a half day in the life and 10 hours for a full day in the life. The session for either of these is 325. Contact me to schedule a call to figure out what session length and type works best for you.

Clients typically spend between 1,000 and 1,800 on their family photography.

What being seen & heard will feel like:


Routines, seasons, new baby, milestones, moving, family history, blending a family, childhood home, breastfeeding, cooking a meal, hanging out, grandparents, camping, pregnancy, vacation, family pet, outdoor adventure, traditions, end of life, hobbies, etc.

Whatever I photograph, the idea is that it’ll be meaningful.

Benefits of booking a Family Story:

1. Your family will be photographed just the way you are.
2. Everyone is included (even you mom)!
3. You’ll have daily reminders of what you love about your family.