kind words

[ve_testimonial_container][ve_testimonial_section css_animation=”slideInRight” title=”KATIE” testimonial_color=”#000000″ testimonial_name_color=”#000000″ testimonial_occupation_color=”#000000″]You were so good at being “invisible” and not creating a moment but instead allowing the moment to be fluid. So fun hanging out with you![/ve_testimonial_section][ve_testimonial_section css_animation=”slideInRight” title=”TYLER” testimonial_color=”#505057″ testimonial_name_color=”#505057″ testimonial_occupation_color=”#505057″]You were great company, and yet not so present that we knew the camera was there.[/ve_testimonial_section][ve_testimonial_section css_animation=”slideInRight” title=”JESSICA” testimonial_color=”#505057″ testimonial_name_color=”#505057″ testimonial_occupation_color=”#505057″]I had no idea what to expect because we’d never done a documentary photo session. I knew she’d do a great job, but what I didn’t realize was that she’d do an EXCEPTIONAL job.[/ve_testimonial_section][/ve_testimonial_container]


Let’s rewrite your story of absence with the story of presence.