Hello you big-hearted, busy mama!


I’ve never heard anyone say that they regret having too many photos of their family, but I often hear mama’s tell me they regret putting it off for so long. I’ve got a fun and meaningful alternative that’ll help you ease back in to family portraits. A family session that no one will whine about.

I’m Dreama: a family photographer & storyteller based in Hampton Roads.

I also wipe snotty noses and stand in as a human jungle-gym, among many other hats.

One of the biggest compliments I’ve ever been given was to be told that I photograph other people’s children as though they‘re my own. When I take these photos for you I’m not thinking as a photographer but as a mother. I get the wild, overwhelming love. I’ve seen first-hand rolls, dimples, curls, nap-time cuddles, giggles and gummy smiles can soon disappear…

I’ve felt the heartache of thinking something is ‘everyday’ until suddenly, it’s not. I get how important it is to document parenthood so you don’t have to ever worry about ever forgetting it.

3 reasons to book a family session:


Traditional photo sessions take a lot of planning and coordinating. For these day-in-the-life type sessions, I do all the work and you get to hang out with your family.


Husband’s especially love these sessions, because there’s no awkward or cheesy posing. Everyone gets to be themselves while doing things yall actually enjoy.


I’ve never heard anyone say that they regret having too many photos of their family, but I often hear moms tell me they regret putting it off for so long.

How to have a stress-free session:

Pick up your house as though a really good friend is coming to visit.
Fill out the form on the contact page.
Let everyone choose something comfortable to wear. Even if that means dots on top and stripes below (you’ll miss that, I promise).
Let me worry about everything else. Kids and dads love me!

What past clients have to say…

“For me, as someone who is often behind the camera, it was important for me to be in photos from our vacation without being forced to ask first.”


Working with Dreama was fantastic. She made the session super comfortable and relaxed while we just got to do our thing in our home. She was very methodical and wasn’t photographing non-stop. Rather, she would study the scene and photograph significant moments. The kids loved having her in our home, and I also enjoyed having good conversation while doing my household chores. Who can say they got house chores done while also checking off their yearly family portraits? And the photographs were gorgeous. The slideshow of images to our own words about our family will absolutely be a family favorite forever. Thank you Dreama for a great session!”

MOLLY, mom of 4

A mama laughs in exhaustion as she nurses her baby while the other kids wrestle on bed.

“You were great company, and yet not so present that we knew the camera was there.”

Tyler, dad of 6

“OH MY GOSH…Dreama!! This is something I will cherish forever!!! You are so incredibly talented and using God’s gifts! Wow I am so moved!”

 Sharon, mom of 2

a black and white photograph of a girl pouring soda and the brother eyeing to make sure they are even.

“You were so good at being “invisible” and not creating a moment but instead allowing the moment to be fluid. So fun hanging out with you!”

Katie, mom of 4

Outside the Home Documentary Family Session at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

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