As a mama, you value capturing everyday life of your children, but when you’re always behind the camera (or waving it off), you wind up leaving a space where you were supposed to be.

I’m here to help incredible moms like you feel comfortable getting in family photographs and enjoying the process along the way.

When we’re done working together, you’ll have heirloom pieces you’ll treasure on your walls and in your home forever.

A few years ago, I was feverishly capturing our family vacation down in the Outer Banks. I came home to edit our photos and was immediately struck by not being in a single photograph. It kinda felt like I didn’t exist.

From then on, I’ve tried my best to stop waving off the camera.

I know at times it can take some courage having your picture taken, especially after motherhood has changed you so much, but I promise you’ll never regret having that photo taken. You’ll regret not having enough.

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a black and white photo of a family packed in to a small kitchen.


on trampoline


family photo in glass box

FAMILY HEIRLOOMS (coming soon)

A baby girl wearing a onesie lays on the carpet looking at the viewer.
“Dreama made the session super comfortable and relaxed while we just got to do our thing in our home.

The kids loved having her in our home, and I also enjoyed having good conversation while doing my household chores. Who can say that got house chores done while also checking off their yearly family portraits?”


Is “waiting for the right time” stopping you from giving your children the gift of Family Photos?

That little voice inside your head that keeps telling you all the reasons you should put off a session, that voice is keeping your walls empty of the everyday moments you love about your family.