My unposed style is made up of real stories and real memories.

These sessions are not about perfection, pristine outfits, awkward poses, or pretty pictures that say nothing of any value and look the same as everyone else’s. You’ll be able to relive these incredible memories that shaped you and your family. You’ll be able to relive the stories that would otherwise be forgotten.

a black and white photograph of a grandmother hugging her granddaughter

Before the session

Before your session we’ll chat through different ideas to make the most of our time together and what to expect. We’ll start off with relaxed and unposed photos where everyone gets to be themselves. If you want, we can always finish with a few casual family portraits in your home or on your front porch.

Either way, you don’t have to do or wear anything different than normal. Your family time will unfold naturally and I’ll join in, chatting here and there, so you won’t even notice the camera all that much.

During the session

A photography session with me is a fun, relaxed experience that everyone will enjoy. A lot of mama’s mention how nice it is to be fully present with each other. Your photos will capture the mannerisms, personalities, quirks, emotions, connections, habits, spirit, expressions… everything that made each of you ‘you’ at that point in time. Your real life is more than good enough to be photographed and it’s this that will come to mean the most – to you and to the children who think you’re beautiful just as you are. Seriously, they couldn’t care less if your hair looks nice.

family photo album

After the session

A few weeks following your session, you’ll get and email from me letting you know your gallery is ready. You’ll be able to gather on the couch, dim the lights and pair your phone with the tv so you can see your custom slideshow, for the first time on the big-ish screen. Once you’ve had time to marvel them a bit, you’ll be able to select the collection and begin choosing prints for artwork in your home. We can even set up a consultation where I’ll help you decide which ones will work best in a beautiful photo book, as framed wall art, as a series of images to create a gallery wall or in a story box. Your order will then be carefully prepared and delivered to you.

“OH MY GOSH…Dreama!! This is something I will cherish forever!!!

You are so incredibly talented and using God’s gifts! Wow I am so moved!”


Sharon and Rhyse smile at each other as they sit on the couch, Rhyse is in her lap.

Want photos that look like everyone else’s?

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