Children’s Simplicity Portraits are a modern take on classic school portraits.

They are inspired by the hundreds of children I’ve photographed over the last 3+ years as a preschool photographer.
Simplicity Portraits are relaxed portraits that take place at my in-home studio in Newport News, Virginia.

These portraits focus on each child’s personality, their quirks, and all the little details you don’t want to forget. A casual session that is perfect for your baby, toddler, preschooler, school-aged kiddo!

I believe that simplicity is thoughtful and intentional.

I have always admired anything that is minimal and timeless.

One of my favorite parts of this job is seeing each child’s personality shine in front of the camera. Kids are extra special that way – they just are who they are, and I get the opportunity to document those silly smiles, timid tears, and pensive looks for parents and guardians to hang onto for years to come.

As a mother, I know how precious it is to document your child, and I’m honored that I get to play a small part in helping other parents record those fleeting years through children’s portraits. If you are a mom interested in booking a Simplicity Portrait session, inquire today!

If you are a parent or educator looking to bring Williamsburg Heirloom Portraits to your school I’d would love for you to reach out! I have a few dates left for Spring 2024 calendar, as well as openings for fall 2024. Inquire Here.