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6 Benefits of booking a studio portrait session

Benefits of booking a studio portrait session

The most important part about the portrait photography process is deciding to take them. The second most important part is to decide the location of your portraits. You may be considering a studio photography session vs. an outdoor session. Both are great options, but one stands out from the other.

There are many reasons why you might prefer a studio session.

As a Children’s Studio photographer, I love being able to offer my clients portrait sessions in a beautiful, light and airy white studio. Today, I’m going to share some of the great reasons to choose my studio for your upcoming session. Which one stands out to you?


Coastal Virginia has gotten quite a reputation for unpredictable weather. They say if you don’t like the weather here, wait 10 minutes or drive 10 miles – because weather around here can be crazy and change quickly. We get to enjoy all the seasons with hot, humid summers and somewhat cold, some times snowy winters. We even experience hurricanes and tropical storms now and then.   Choosing to do your session in the studio takes away the stress of potential weather issues year round. Unless it’s unsafe to be on the roads or too dark outside, your session is on.


Oh, the beautiful studio light!

Light is the most important thing I plan for when I’m photographing you. My studio is all white with oversized windows that let in gorgeous, even, natural light throughout the day.

Along with natural light, I also use a strobe at times. Over the years I’ve taken several classes that have taught be how to use it in a “natural” light way!

The result of me photographing in the studio is consistent, beautifully lit images every time and the reason my clients choose me.


Creating images in a clean, all white studio is a beautiful way to keep the focus on your child. There’s no clutter or distracting items that might take away from the simplicity of the portraits.


The studio offers all of the conveniences of home and the added bonus that you don’t have to clean it before your session! There is plenty of comfortable seating, a kitchen stocked with refreshments, and  a restroom down the hall.


My in-home studio is conveniently located in Newport News with easy access and a nice long driveway right in front of our home.  It’s especially convenient for pregnant moms and new moms who may be recovering from birth and don’t feel up to long walks on uneven ground.


When you can see samples in the studio, it’s so much easier to envision portraits hanging in your home. I’ve carefully and thoughtfully hand-selected classic frames that will never go out of style. 

When you order your wall hangings you’ll know exactly what you’ll get!

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6 Benefits of booking a studio portrait session

As a Children's Studio photographer, I love being able to offer my clients portrait sessions in a beautiful, light and airy white studio.

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