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Speak Volumes: Mobile speech therapy services in Hampton Roads

Speak Volumes: Mobile speech therapy services in Hampton Roads Speak Volumes is bringing speech therapy to you!

Hi Friends! I’m really excited to introduce a series where I feature local businesses in the Hampton Roads area as a way to help connect you with other businesses you may or may not have heard of!

As a small business owner, I’d rather be out networking than posting on social media, honestly! So often our businesses are as big (or small) as our network.

Over the past four years I’ve met and chatted with a ton of little kiddos while taking their preschool photos. Hearing their little voices change over the years and how their pronunciation changes is so precious! Being able to communicate with your friends and loved ones is so important, which is why im excited to introduce you to Hannah Waff of Speak Volumes.

Headshot of Hannah Waff of Speak Volumes.

I’m Hannah Waff, a speech language pathologist and owner of Speak Volumes Therapy, LLC,
a mobile speech therapy practice specializing in ages 12 months to 5 years, with ability to treat
up to 12 years of age.

Speak Volumes’ mission is to provide therapy for busy families by coming
to the child whether at grandma’s house, in home, or daycare.

Additionally, Speak Volumes offers select Saturday sessions within the home or other community locations. Hannah serves families in Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Poquoson, and Williamsburg.

Why mobile?

Speak Volumes understands that families are busy! We bring therapy directly to your child, eliminating the need for parents to coordinate taking time off work or rely on other family members to transport the child to therapy sessions. In a military area where many families do not have established support systems nearby, Speak Volumes strives to reduce the stress of being placed on waitlists for after-work times or having to leave work on a weekly basis. We achieve this by forming relationships with child care centers in the area and providing services in that familiar and convenient setting. By offering therapy in an environment where your child feels comfortable, we can better utilize toys, routines, and activities to integrate speech techniques effectively

How do I know my child needs speech therapy?

It is always important to consult with your pediatrician when concerns regarding development
arise. However, early intervention to address delays, concerns, or issues is vital in preventing
more serious or prolonged delays. It is crucial not to adopt a “wait and see” approach simply
because there are numerous strategies available to support speech and language development
within everyday routines and play. An early intervention and parent coaching model empowers
caregivers to play a key role in their child’s growth.

Some key behaviors that should be present by 18 months old include:

  • Consistently responding to their own name
  • Pointing and vocalizing to express wants
  • Pointing to familiar named items, body parts, pictures, or people when named
  • Retrieving familiar objects
  • Using at least 10 words other than “mama” or “dada”
  • Imitating modeled sounds and play actions
  • Completing simple play tasks such as 3-4 piece puzzles, stacking smooth-sided blocks,
    and engaging in new play tasks for more than a minute.

What is parent/caregiver coaching?

The parent coaching/caregiver model involves a speech therapist (or another early childhood
professional) directly involving the parent or caregiver in therapy sessions and providing them
with strategies that can be incorporated into everyday routines and playtime. The therapist
models the strategies and techniques with the child during sessions, and then the parent carries
them out with the therapist present to provide coaching.

But how does this work in a daycare setting for a mobile practice like Speak Volumes? Speak
Volumes offers monthly or bi-monthly meetings with parents, which can be conducted over
video conference. In addition, weekly emails are sent to parents, outlining the skills targeted in
therapy sessions. To ensure consistency and collaboration, Speak Volumes also connects with
the child’s teacher or provider at the daycare to discuss and implement the same strategies
within the school or childcare environment.

Catlillies Play Cafe under 2 play group.

Speak Volumes loves connecting with other local businesses. We host an Under 2
Developmental Play Group at Catalillies Play Cafe in Williamsburg. Each week, we focus on a
new developmental stage and tailor the class to meet your child’s current needs, whether they
are learning to roll, crawl, use their first words, or share toys – we cover it all! Come and play
with us!

Connect with Hannah:

Website : https://www.speakvolumesllc.com/
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/speakvolumesllc/
Phone: 757-204-5599

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