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Audrey - Williamsburg, VA Heirloom Portrait Photographer

I was so honored to be Audrey’s Heirloom Portrait Photographer at my studio in Williamsburg, Virginia. When Audrey first came in, she was naturally a little shy. This is actually a really common concern among mamas with children 16 months to two year olds. Having worked with preschoolers the past three years, I’ve learned some tricks along the way! 

“Dreama was wonderful! She welcomed us and quickly had my 2yo warmed up to take some photos. She even did animal noises and dino roars…” 

The first thing I’ve learned is the importance of being calm. This goes both for me as well the parent(s) that are present. If our first instinct is to force a child to sit or smile, they are gonna wanna to the exact opposite!

Most children just need a minute or two to warm up.

The second thing is to get them talking! I love to know interests of your child before our session, ie., Do they have a favorite Disney character? What do they like to watch on TV? Do they have a younger or older sibling? Favorite color? Animal? Chances are, if I ask them a question about something they are interested in, they’ll open right up!

If a child is still a little hesitant, I’ve got a super secret toy that all the kiddos love. I’ve been using it during my preschool portrait photography for about two seasons now and they ask me about it. (They are so smart!

The key here is to not rush a session. Most sessions are done and over within 10-15 minutes, but there are times im happy to spend a little more time with your child.

During Audrey’s session, I was able to capture several expressions that are unique to her.

In the end, Sweet Audrey’s visit was not just about capturing photographs but creating high quality portraits that will last for generations.  It’s moments like these that remind me why I love being an heirloom portrait photographer, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with families like hers.

Girl looks straight at camera during her heirloom portrait session with Dreama.Little girl laughs during her heirloom vignette portrait session in Williamsburg, Virginia.Girl with brunette hair looks to the left during her heirloom portrait.Little girl wears a classic white bow in her hair during heirloom portrait event.Audrey smirks at animal sounds during her heirloom portrait.

Dreama Spence is a Williamsburg, Virginia  photographer specializing in classic children’s heirloom portraits. She’s dedicated to timeless imagery, and is so proud to offer these stunning heirloom portraits. These portraits are true works of art and capture the innocence of childhood, creating beautiful, timeless portraits of your little one. There is no doubt – these images will be treasured for generations to come. 

To ensure a true luxury and full service experience for clients, Dreama only books a limited number of sessions each month. She is currently booking into Fall 2024 and she’d love to get you on the calendar!

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