I know gift-giving isn’t always easy, so i’m here to help make shopping a little easier!

Being a sentimentalist, I much prefer a gift I can tell someone put thought into over something that cost a fortune. Gifts that revolve around my family are especially treasured.

BUT also being an over-thinker, I can easily get overwhelmed just thinking about choosing a gift.

Here are 8 Holiday gift ideas for the sentimental woman in your life:

Peg Doll Family Portraits


1. These peg doll family portraits are seriously the cutest thing ever! I love that these double as a fun spin on family portraits AND a piece of wall art.

Childhood drawing tea towel


2. Our kids drawings are so precious, especially in the early years. My fridge is almost always covered in their art. I love that these little tea towels offer a different way to show off their skills.

laser engraved handwritten recipe cutting board


3. I was mentioning to a friend the other day whose daughter uses a cookbook passed down from her great-grandmother that there were cutting boards with handwritten recipes. Over time, the pages of handwritten cookbooks tear and the ink fades. These laser etched cutting boards help to preserve the well-loved recipe that is cooked all the time.

4. Artifact Uprisings Gallery Frames are in incredible treat for any documentarian in your family. Show them how much you appreciate what they do by helping them get a special photo or two off of their hard drive.

Custom home ornament


5. These custom home ornaments are the perfect gift for someone who has just bought or built a new home!


Brass easel and calendar


6. Artifact Uprising has these beautiful brass calendars that would be perfect for anyone still able to work at an office during COVID times.

The "HERITAGE" Guided Journal

7. This journal by Journal Junky would be cherished by any writer who is especially interested in preserving written family memories.

8. Have a someone in your life who’s always behind the camera? Help her get in the photo with a Mini Story!