The New Year often provides the feeling of a clean slate so-to-speak and many of us try and set a full life-makeover!

This will be the year when you become your best self, despite the fact that you almost never actually achieve the New Years resolutions.

Why even bother?

This blog post is going to show you how to set realistic goals that can be achieved any time of the year.

1. Get all of your ideas out on paper.

2. Spend time asking yourself why.

Why do you want this goal? What will change if you make this goal? Where is this goal coming from? Is it really your goal or someone else’s? Get really curious about where these goals are coming from.

3. Set ONE goal.

It’s easy to get excited about the possibilities of a new year, but the quickest way to get overwhelmed (and fail) is to try and change a lot of things all at once.

4. Understand what a goal actually is.

A goal is not something that proves your value. A goal IS setting an intention to focus your efforts on something you wouldn’t normally do. You can set a goal or make a change at any time. Set goals that are realistic. Don’t set goals knowing they’re impossible.

5. Decide what goal you want to set and visualize it.

Hitting your goals is achievable as long as you keep chugging along. A really powerful way to reinforce that belief is to visualize yourself having already accomplished the goal. Write a letter to yourself from your future self. Share what you’ve learned in the journey and what life is like.

If you don’t make your goal, it’s okay. Respond to yourself like you would to a friend who didn’t meet her goal. Ask yourself what you’ve learned. Why didn’t you make the goal? Decide for yourself if you want to rest it, tweak it or move on to something else. Feeling disappointed is optional.

6.Think about what you need to believe in order to accomplish this goal.

How do you want to feel while doing it? You’ll never succeed unless you see yourself as already having been successful.

Whatever your goals are or aren’t, be gentle with yourself. In the season of raising little children (and COVID), everyone is less productive and that’s okay!