Yall, we are entering mini session season. Before you run off to book one like you do every year, I want you to picture these two scenarios:

Scenario one

Each year you give yourself an ulcer trying to figure out what to wear. Once you’ve found coordinating outfits, your little Emma kicks, screams, pouts and downright refuses to wear that little yellow dress. Oh, and let’s not forget your husband… he’s got some choice words too.

THEN there’s the screaming and sweating through your blouse. You now realize you have 10 minutes to get everyones shoes on and out the door. AND a 20 minute drive down the road to that pretty park your photographer picked out.

You text your photographer to let her know you’re running late, but on the way.

Finally after hitting a bit of traffic, your family arrives. You spot the photographer and patiently wait for her to squeeze you in.

Yall bunch together, adrenaline still pumping and fumes still coming out of your ears, and smile. Your husband rolls his eyes and murmurs under his breath how fake this whole thing is. You give him the death stare.

A few weeks later you get the gallery and find that one perfect shot you love.


Scenario two

You decide to do something different this year. You fill out the contact form with me where I let you know that you won’t need to prep one bit for the session. You decide right away you wanna book a mini story.

The day of the session, you put on the clothes you normally wear and you even let your little Emma pick her own outfit. Even if that means dots on top and stripes below.

I text you to let you know I’m on the way, because SURPRISE, you don’t even have to leave your house.

You’ll spend time hangin out in your front yard or backyard with your family; jumping on the trampoline, splashing around in the kiddie pool, blowing bubbles, or riding bikes. You and your husband leisurely sip on a drink of choice, while playing with your children or putting dinner on the grill.

The weather’s perfect, everyone is free to be themselves and immediately you decide THIS is how you wanna do photos from now on.

A few weeks later you sit down as a family to watch the slideshow of your session and you lose it. There are photos of your children laughing and playing. Your husband is relaxed and in his element. You even spot some photos of yourself that you love.

You’re glad you chose to to so something different this year.

Now, IDK which mom you are, but the latter of the two definitely enjoyed herself more!

If your tired of being the mom in scenario one, reach out, it starts with a little, CLICK HERE TO BOOK A CALL: or email me :[email protected]

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