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9 favorite 2019 photos of Hampton Roads Family photographer

I can’t believe that 2019 is gone and we’re entering in to a New Year already! I remember my childhood years when I used to want time to pass to quickly and now here I am wanted it to sloooooow down.

Here are some of my favorite images from the past years— ones that sparked an old memory or touched me in some way!


1. Olivia’s parents Jim + Abi hired me for a Baby’s First Year package. Over this past year I spent time with them during four sessions capturing Olivia’s changes, family and places they loved taking her.

As some of you know, I lost my dad at a very young age, so I’m really drawn to moments between children and their fathers. I was told once that I used to play in my daddy’s beard thought, I don’t remember it at all.


2. This is my daughter Caroline (you’ve probably seen her a time or two ;)) —  This was made to capture all the mornings she’d dress herself in “twirly dresses” and request a dance party despite the fact that we’ve had 3495733 dance parties already that day.


3. This picture is from a Documentary Family Session at Busch Gardens — I loved this tender moment between little sister Hadlyn and Alden. The teacups were just a little too much for her but big brother embraced her until the ride was over.


4. My morning routine consists of unloading and reloading the dishwasher in the mornings. Routines are a part of everyday life and are a special detail to photograph. I love the way the light pours into our kitchen in the early mornings.



5. There’s nothing better than sweet summer time. It amazes me with just what little can entertain children. While David was away on one of his work trips, we took a $5 Walmart plastic pool and put it at the base of their little slide, between it and the squirt guns they were happy for quite a while.


6. This photo is from an Family Vacation session in the Outer Banks — Jessica contacted me a few months before her family traveled in from all over.

When I look at this photo, it makes me laugh. I always joke about “needing a vacation from vacation” because they often feel like work. By the time you get the littles ready, yourself dressed, beach gear loaded up and make the trek down to the beach you’re ready for a sunshine nap!



7. This photo is from Olivia’s 9 month session at her Mimi’s house. I loved that Abi + Jim planned a session while visiting with her parents.

Grandparents are often-times the second most important people in our children’s lives. They’re a part of family history and if your children are lucky enough to have them often times so many memories are made with them.


8. One of my favorite memories of my momma is baking cookies with her from scratch as a child. The thing is, I don’t have any pictures baking with her.

When I first learn I was pregnant, I day-dreamed about baking cookies together. I also knew baking was something I wanted to have pictures of. Kinda like preserving my memory as a child, along with theirs.


9. This photo is of Jessica’s sister during the Outer Banks session. I loved how freely she played with her son. She wasn’t so worried about the camera and being photographed in her bathing suit. So many women struggle with their body image (me included) and would totally run and hide at the thought.

The photographs I create aren’t necessarily made to get likes on social media. But rather, document memories for families to be able to share. If photos aren’t meant to go beyond that, then why care so much about what we look like?

I’m so grateful for all the families who’ve supported my documentary family photography business throughout 2019. I wish you an adventurous 2020 filled with lots of memory-making.

If you are in the Hampton Roads, VA area and would like to schedule a documentary family session, BOOK A CALL: [email protected]

Hampton Roads Family Photographer


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