The holidays are coming, and you may be establishing a new family tradition or simply looking for a local Christmas tree farm on the Peninsula.


We have loved visiting the Zuni Tree and Alpaca Farm for the past three years.

A few years ago we came across Zuni Tree and Alpaca Farm and I knew we just had to go. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Newport News, but we love it.  The trees are just beautiful and non-traditional all in the same. We arrive, grab our saw, cardboard and tree wagon and let the search begin.

The farm reminds me of my childhood when I lived in a log cabin surrounded by thousands of acres of game management property. My step dad told us this story about searching the woods for the “perfect Christmas tree” and that we’d know when we found the perfect one because “when you give it a little shake it’ll fall over.”

My sister and I would go marching through the woods shaking the trees one by one waiting for them to fall. To a child the magic in a story like that is everything.

I think back to  story that and wish there were photos of us vigorously shaking every tree in sight.

When I became a mama, my dream was to continue the tradition of picking out our Christmas tree.

Peninsula Christmas tree farm in Zuni, Virginia
Playing hide and seek at Zuni Christmas tree farm.


little boy running in between Christmas trees

father and son cutting down Christmas tree

girl standing in row of Christmas trees

children searching for perfect Christmas tree

family standing next to their Christmas tree

father and son pulling Christmas tree on cart

guy wrapping christmas tree in netting

tying Christmas tree on car
If your family enjoys going to cut down Christmas trees year after year, reach out for a family session! We could make a day of it and I meet you at the Christmas Tree Farm, photograph you searching, cutting down and then bringing your tree home to decorate it.