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Documenting Our Own Family Vacations in OBX, North Carolina

Outer Banks of North Carolina

Documenting our own family vacations in OBX, North Carolina throughout the years has been near and dear to my heart.

Some years I document more, some years less, but either way I try and capture what it’s like to have our family together all in one place.

Shadow of a 4Runner on a dune in Avon, NC


June and July rolls around and all we can think about is shoving the roof box on top of our vehicle and booking it across the Wright Memorial Bridge. Once we’re across the bridge and hop into a sandy rut, all our cares + worries fly right out the window.

Out into the salty air.

Every year around the time the weather starts to warm up the question comes, “Mom, when can we go to the big beach?” Colby has been going since he was less than a year old.


4X4 Beach Corolla Beach NC


For us the beach is a place of rest & relaxation (though getting to the beach and set-up takes work).


Corolla Beach in North Carolina


It’s sandy hotdogs or sandwiches— or sandy everything really.


Corolla Beach North Carolina


It’s time spent together.


Father and daughter fishing


My niece fishing with her dad.


Dog swimming at beach in Avon


For our 12 year old black Labrador, Duke who loves the water more than life itself.


Avon Beach, NC


It’s about sharing this way of life with generations.


Outer Banks vacation


The views.


outer banks, north Carolina

Vacation house in Avon, NC


It’s about watching our family grow and change. (First photo from 2011 just after David and I got married, Second is 2018)

Since the first photo was taken, we lost our beloved Big Granny, we’ve added spouses and children, we’ve changed.

Down at the beach everything is simpler. We laugh together, cook with each other, learn together, play together and soak up every moment for a few incredible days.

The Outer Banks is where some of our happiest memories are made.

Does it feel that way for you? Then why not have your family vacation documented too?


If you’re a mom who’s always behind the camera consider booking a Family Story session! Give yourself a break while on vacation and  BOOK A CALL OR shoot me an email: [email protected]

Outer Banks Vacation Photographer


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