man sitting in chair with garage door open

I’m so happy to have a featured image in Fearless and Framed’s Iconic Photo Series: Uncle Perry.

Sometimes no amount of planning can prepare you for a story.

A few weeks ago, I was prepped and ready for what would be a trip filled with high expectations. I’d gathered questions I’d wanted to ask my Uncle Perry along with a mental check-list of things I’d like to document while there, (i.e. Colby riding a horse on my family’s cattle farm, my grannie’s old house, my uncle in-front of the dry cleaning business he owned most of my childhood). I mean this was the first time i’d be seeing this side of my family in over 20 years!

This would be the first time my children would meet their great uncles in Arkansas.

And though I didn’t get most of what I had in mind,
I did leave with a pretty meaningful photo.

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