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Why you may feel like hiring a family photographer

It’s true. You don’t need me whatsoever. I’m a big fan of photographing your family on your own, after all nobody knows your family better than you.

Photographing your own family allows you to notice your own stories.

It’s an archival of all the changes and memories your family is making. It’s a beautiful form of expression, an extension of yourself in motherhood, and it can be fun. AND, even though you love photography, you just… don’t wanna be the only one photographing your family.

You also don’t need to have a problem to hire a photographer.

You don’t need to have tried photographing your family for days or weeks or months, without success, to hire a photographer. You don’t need to hate creating photography to hire a photographer. You don’t need to be bad at photography to hire a photographer. You don’t need to be too busy to hire a photographer.

There’s no prerequisite for hiring a photographer.

You could be experiencing a variety of these things, or none at all. Regardless, a “problem” doesn’t have to exist to hire ANYONE at all, or buy something.

mom helping son build sand castle on the beach

Here’s why you may feel like hiring a photographer:

1. You want to be in the photos for a change
2. You want to be 100% present with your family
3. You’re curious to see how someone else would photograph your family
4. You want to try something new
5. You’re just not feelin’ like photographing your family this time around

Whatever reason you may want to hire a photographer is totally up to you!

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