You hear the words, “Documentary Family Photographer” and you aren’t really sure what a documentary photo session would look like. You may even have major doubts about whether a session like this is even the right fit for your energetic bunch. I’m here to set your doubts at ease.

So what is documentary family photography?

Documentary Family Photography is unposed photography of your family living your real, actual lives, with no direction from me.

The shoots are unscripted, undirected and entirely spontaneous. Whatever happens, happens! I am simply an observer there to document the meaningful stories in your life, so that you can sit back, be fully present and in the end have a home filled with memories you can relive over and over.

Now, for those questions or doubts you’re having…

Here are 10 reasons why you are missing out on the BEST photos of your life:

Reason #1: You’re gonna have someone in your home following you around and that might make you uncomfortable.

Truth: A lot of people feel this way until we meet. Feeling comfortable starts with your photographer— a recent client said:

“ You were great company, and yet not so present that we knew the camera was there.”  – Tyler Kelce

I truly love spending time with families (like yours), rambunctious or not! And the bonus is that you’ll get some amazing portraits at the end of it that capturemannerisms, personalities, quirks, emotions, connections, habits, spirit, expressions… everything that made each of you ‘you’ at that point in time.

Reason #2: My life just isn’t THAT interesting.

Truth: When I come into your home— i’m walking in with a fresh pair of eyes and can see the meaningful moments you’re missing. When you sit down to watch the slideshow it’ll give you a whole new sense of appreciation for your family + all the things that happen inside your home.

You may even be inspired to pick up your iPhone and snap a picture throughout your day.

boy helping cook in kitchen

Reason #3: My kids are crazy!!

Truth: There’s nothing that could happen in your home that I haven’t already seen or experienced first hand! My most favorite thing about kids is that they haven’t learned they should shield their personalities or feelings yet.

The purpose of a documentary family session is to capture the personalities of you + your family members in your home. I will not ask anyone to try to sit still or do anything that is not normal for them.

messy room

(Notice our messy house in the photo above + our half-removed floral wallpaper in the playroom. Compliments to the original owners who built this house in the early 50’s)

Reason #4: There are toys sprinkled everywhere and I’m too embarrassed to invite someone over.

Truth: A messy house is not the worst thing in the world. This type of session is about creating the most meaningful memories for you within the environment that you live in daily. You want to remember these moments and they should be REAL. These photographs are to serve your memory later down.

peanut butter sandwiches lined up

Reason #5: Photos in my house won’t be pretty.

Truth: Most houses don’t look like their fresh off an episode of Fixer-upper but I know the photos I create of your children and your family will be THE most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Besides your actual children, of course.

My goal is to make images that you will cherish forever and keep as heirloom pieces to hand down. My main goal is not making photos that will get the most likes on facebook. It’s about making sure the people + places that matter won’t go undocumented.

Reason #6: I won’t know what to do.

Truth: After our consult, you will feel inspired with ideas of what to do the day that I come. The best thing is to not over plan and just let your day go according to your normal routine.

IF you’re still drawing a blank we can put together some family activities that will get the ball rolling for some photos.

family all together

Reason #7: There won’t be enough photographs of the whole family together.

Truth: This is something I pay pretty close attention to as we are going through our session. I love it when families naturally gather together for an opportunity to create family group photos.

Chances are there are more opportunities for natural and unposed moments than you realize— whether it’s a group or two people.

girl feeling giraffes at Richmond Metro Zoo in Virginia

Reason #8: Our life is just to busy.

Truth: The beauty of documentary photography is any day is a good day to document… even the busy ones.

Life tends to become so busy for people with children. Taxiing them to and from. That’s why it is SO SO SO important to stop for a moment and soak it all in.

In fact, ALL , documentary photographers would be more than happy just following along on your busy day to document what you usually do. So don’t be afraid to just get on with a normal day and have it photographed. A meaningful story will still come of that!

Reason #9: I wasn’t expecting a session to cost this much.

Truth: Yes documentary sessions are an investment. This type of photography is unlike any other photography. There are options to be able to afford the BEST photographs of your life with extended payment plans.

I want you + your family to have photographs of this time in your life.  To help this happen, I offer membership plans that allow you the option to pay for your session and products over the course of a year.

riding mattress down stairs

Reason #10: I won’t like the way I look in the photos.

Truth: The furthest thing from your mind will be about how you looked— you’ll remember how you felt.

When you see these photos you’ll be fighting back tears of gratefulness, for how beautiful your family is, for how HARD mothering is— but

And most of all you’ll be so grateful you did this.


Reason #11: You’re missing out on the best photos of your life because you didn’t click this link.  OR shoot me an email:

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