David spent the summers going to Chippokes Plantation State Park in Surry, Virginia and swimming in the Pool as a child. I think he was eager to show the kids what a massive pool they had, fit with a diving board and all. It seriously looks like the pool from an episode of This is Us.

Chippokes State Park is 1,400 acres of serene farmland. I’d never been before but the fields of green plant-life instantly reminded me of Georgia.

The pool is surrounded by hundred year old trees and beyond the screams of kids and splashes of water you can hear the hums of cicadas. It’s such a beautiful park I knew I wanted to document it somehow.

Enter FilimingLife Academy: 9 Day Mini Keepsake Film Challenge. (A podcast episode where you can listen to them talk about it)

I’ve wanted to learn video for as long and I can remember BUT, my camera just doesn’t shoot video. Earlier in the summer, I’d bought a GoPro Hero 5 to Document Our Own Family Vacation in OBX, North Carolina so that I didn’t have to worry about getting my big girl camera wet. This also provided the opportunity to dabble in learning about video making + editing.

I loved how the 9 Day Mini Keepsake Film Challenge arrived to my inbox broken up in bit-sized lessons everyday. At first I was a little nervous thinking about other students and their fancy gear, but once I was able to let go of #allthethoughts, I was really able to enjoy myself.

The course was FREE and seriously so easy. I still can’t believe I have this sweet little keepsake video of our time at Chippokes Plantation State Park to look back on.



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